Get Free Instagram Followers With These Easy Tips!

Seeing the number of followers in your account, we want to ask a straightforward thing. Are you satisfied with your follower amount? Do you want a better number? Getting free Instagram followers is another long journey of creating, analyzing, and providing consistent content.

But since it’s crucial for business, many would like to find a way to increase their follower numbers. More followers could lead to more sales. Brands, the big ones, usually spend more money to get followers instantly, which leads to higher sales.

In this article, you’ll learn a few tips to get free Instagram followers, and at the same time, reaching good engagement, and free Instagram likes.

1. Run Instagram Giveaways.

Giveaways are the fastest but most expensive way to get more followers. It will increase engagement instantly by exchanging giveaway prizes with the Instagram like, comment, or follow. You can also include other requirements, but make sure they’re simple.

If you don’t have any idea how to do this, you can simply look at other giveaways on Instagram. You can take a note at how they hold the giveaway, what are the requirements, and what makes the giveaway more interesting.

When done correctly, giveaways can help boost your page, generating natural and organic followers to reach popularity in the most natural way possible. Generating free followers for Instagram would be easier this way.

2. Write an excellent Instagram bio.

Excellent bio doesn’t necessarily mean a long one. You can use 150 words of space to tell the audience about yourself while inputting some elements of promotion and a call to action. You can also fill the bio by putting a contact number for business or linking to your website or marketplace. 

Give users a great way to know yourself better, plus good content to gain free Instagram likes.

3. Target niche audience to get organic followers.

A key to Instagram marketing is to know your potential customers and know how to build your safe sales funnels. So before doing anything else, make sure to gain knowledge about your market.

The follower number that’s not increasing for a long time could result from the wrong market analysis. So, don’t reach out to anyone outside your niche.

You need certain data and specific information about potential customers regarding gender, age, or career. With obtained data, you then consider what kind of content suitable for your audience. This is important to hit a “goodspot”, so you can get more engagement, and hopefully, more sales.

4. Generate informative, trendy, and visual content.

While analysis of the market is essential, you need to remember that Instagram is a place where creative content could go viral instantly. Create relevant content for your community, and keep them entertained. 

Your content should always encourage people to follow you or buying from you. But, “refresh” your feed with educational or entertaining content sometimes to make your account more dynamic and less annoying.

Don’t forget to create visual content in the best way possible via IGTV, Reels, Story, or Live to get more engagement and free Instagram likes.

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