Full Body Home Workout routine and plans, exercise at home

This article of mine will let you with all the things which will make you fit and get big with all the exercises and necessary tips for which there is no need to hit the gym or any weights Your own body will bless you with the pain which leads to muscles growth , get big and different.

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Full Body Home Workout routine and plans

Let  me clear you the fact and solution to the answer which is always on the mind of every guy going for running workouts in home, parks or is thinking about to get fit that can they built muscles like it is always said that without gym its impossible or very difficult to built muscles or look like fitness models?  and then you see the guy in gym lifting hard and is muscular  and then the negativity surrounds you as you are going for running or  doing Workout in Home and not getting result.  Answer to this mystery is a Big Yes, Yes you can built muscles without hitting the gym.

Full Body Home Workout routine and plans, exercise at home

The fact of building muscle is giving pain to your muscles torning them by Working Out either in Gym or Home and after that a good dieting plan and sleep which I think all have to brain that these things can be done in home.

So the tips which are given to gymers is also same for you which is Work Hard, Brake Muscles, Eat Sleep and get big.

Now Time for some Full Body Home workout Plan :-

First, one should be clear that is he just wants to be fit or also wants to built muscles with fitness and I think its just an excuse when one doesn’t gets the result he gives the excuse of I am just here to be fit. No fitness shows results buddy. So lets start.

Full Body Home Workout Plan:-

If you can go in a park or any ground it will be best as good environment & no suffocation and it also let us a little pumped and motivated.

Start with running as it will warm your body and muscles which will avoid any kind of injury. Do 10 min. of running and running doesn’t mean walking or just jogging you should be running in an adequate speed and  in which you have to add some 100 m sprint in between and at last minute.

After this take rest have your watch with you and a mobile sound up your best songs which fills you wd energy and only songs in this Workout period  and not any other bull shit comes on your mind like chatting calling You’ve to give an hour for it and you should be fully indulged in it.

Body Workout –

Start from lower body to upper body.

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • Stretch your legs and then do Windmill
  • Squats….As there is no weight on your body do as much as you can until you feel failure at least you be doing 50 reps
  • 20 Forward Lunges….. when your both legs have done its equal to 1 rep.

You can’t jump to next exercise unless you do 3 sets of above and all below each exercise.

After  Leg workout Target abs.

  • 100 jumping Standing side crunches( 50 each side )
  •  2 min Plank
  • Raising your legs up 6 inch and then hold 1 min minimum
  • 50 Abdominal crunches

Now comes the Upper body the part which gives an image about fitness of a people or how hard a person has worked on it.

  • Pushups (50-30-30) For beginners increase 5 pushups every next day. Others who have strength do more reps then I’ve mentioned try to increase and take less rest 30 sec. max.

After this do some Handstand with a wall and stay for max time (stopwatch) as you can and the first rep will end Like First pushups then without taking rest go for Wall Handstand ( 1 Set) take 30 sec rest then jump to second set.

  • After this go for Diamond pushups and add with it triceps dips ( Partner holding legs)  this will be your 1st set . (3 sets for every exercise)
  • Pull Ups (As Much as u Can). You can take support.

This was my recommended Full Body Workout At home or Anywhere

Start with this once you get satisfied( Gets easier for you ) comment I’ll make more difficult and different routine.   (Take a Proper Diet after this workout )

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