A human being or an individual person is always greedy to listen his or her name as successful person. This is not possible at all glance. We can’t predict success of a human being from his or her luxurious life. In real success has no perfect definition but it has a good and clear meaning as well as explanation. Success means nothing but an achievement that a human being  achieve after reached to its targeted goal. Success is the word that was already frame out from its opposite vocabulary ‘Failure’. People hate to list themselves as failure. However, it is the real fact without getting fail we never reached to way to success.Failures a key to success

How we think our success?

If failure really hates to fail or dislike failing definitely they cannot reached to their goal. We always pretended that success is the only way that makes us popular, which sounds good but who makes us successful. The answer is our failure journey would make us successful in the future. I have experienced that a person getting success in numbers of time attempts. That person is more knowledgeable than that person who have completed that task in after fist attempt.

Achieved target in one chance is never decide our success rate. the rate of experience and knowledge defined the weight of success. this is the reason experts says people who have experience is successful. the reason is an experienced person can defined any of situation in more detailed way. person who passed a mission in one chance will experienced the situation lesser than the person who passed the mission after several attempts.

My this experiencing is not proving that who is achieving success in one step is not have adequate knowledge. Similarly, that should not also predicting that there is no other way to get the goal, which is define by him or her. It has meant that a person who has failed to achieve his goal do not de-motivate that person but encourage to get success by choosing different way.


The discussion has highlighted the only fact that for getting success in life we have to accept our failure and learn from that failure but never regret self as loser. No one is loser in this world because human being is an incredible creative invention of God and each of the human being has a key to getting success. Failure: A key to success has defined that we are playing the stage of candy crush until we reached to the next stage. So we can defined the success is the beginning towards our achievement and failure is the key to beginning towards way of success.

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