Expectations from Your Software Developer: What Should they be Capable of Offering?

To put it simply, a software development team should be able to offer exactly what you need for them to offer.

However, since most businesses will claim to be able to do everything, how do you know which ones are actually worth your trust, and which ones are simply taking on more than they can handle? Let’s discuss the answer in a few important but brief details next.

Understand What You Need Exactly First

The very first step to choosing the right software development team for any project is to identify the work that you need them to be able to do.

For example, if web app development is an intricate part of the project, you will need to make sure that you have hired a Ruby on Rails development company because proficiency with the server-side web application framework is still extremely important for web app development.

Similarly, the more you know about the goals and needs of the project at hand, the better you will be at making the right selection.

They Should have Experience in Doing What You Need them to Do After you have figured out roughly what your priorities are in terms of the project in question, it’s time to determine whether they have enough experience to provide you with the quality of service expected.

They should be able to show you verifiable past experience with former clients, and successful ones at that. Don’t be shy about verifying their claims before hiring them. The better you are able to match the needs of your project with the expertise of your software and web development team, the more cost-efficient and lean the entire project will turn out to be.

They Should be Proficient with the Basics of Software Development
If you are technically aware enough, then this should make more sense to you, but if you are not, get your IT expert involved. Every developer worth the designation should be highly adept with the basics of:

⦁ Data structure and Algorithm development

⦁ Proficiency with frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Express, and Spring

⦁ Git and Github, used as source control apps to prevent overriding of work in a collaborative effort

⦁ Integrated Development Environment or IDE: Visual Studio, Jupiter Notebook, etc.

⦁ Database: Proficiency with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, etc.

⦁ Proficiency with Linux

⦁ Proficiency with the most important programming languages today, such as ⦁ Python, Java JavaScript and, of course, C++ to name a few

⦁ Basic networking knowledge and experience

Ideally, you should hire the most comprehensive software service provider you can find, one that can take care of any and all requirements, but the project’s specific needs should definitely be among their specialties first.

The more spearheaded your selection is, the more cost-effective your investment will turn out to be. Very few companies have the budget to spend on the most expensive options available, so it’s better to hire a team with the goals of the project in mind. It will let you be more selective, without sacrificing the actual quality of the work.

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