Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Siege – Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege demands high gaming skills – Let us accept this fact. But that should not put you off from trying to play this game. With our complete beginners’ guide and the r6s cheats with aimbot, it is possible for any newcomer to not just grab the nitty-gritty of the game but also win. So without wasting any further time let us get down to the basics of playing Rainbow Six Siege. 

The game

So what exactly is this game all about? Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game that demands high precision and teamwork. The game was first released in the year 2015 and has seen some massive updates post that. New maps, weapons, operators, and themed events are all part of the modern Rainbow Six Siege game. Players also have a variety of modes and character designs to choose from.

The basics of the game

The game is split into two major pillars. You may choose to start with either of them but before that here is what you should know.

  • PvE – This is split into two distinct modes. Situations are where you can hone your skills carrying out live-fire exercises. The Terrorist Hunt is where you can team up with your friends and neutralize the targets that are AI-controlled. You can also defuse any situations that are high threat
  • PvP – This is built on the 5-v-5 team play. This is spread across various scenarios. The Red and the Blue team fight against one another to diffuse the bomb, to secure the key locations or to rescue the hostages

The Attack and the defense

Every playable operator falls under the attacker or the defender category. If you play the PvE then you play only as an attacker. However, when you play a multiplayer game you may play in either role.

  • Attackers – They are responsible to breach and secure the objective. They are the siege force and their gadgets are tuned to offer the effect. These include reconnaissance equipment, ballistics, and crowd control weaponry
  • Defenders – They are responsible to withhold the attackers’ objective. This they do by fortifying any key location which they spot on the map or by reinforcing the entrance of the buildings. Their gadgets include the medic abilities and the armors that keep the allies standing. They also use signal disruptors that block their enemy.

The game environment

You will have to find your way through many maps when you play Rainbow Six Siege and neither of them are the same. They vary in location, design, scale, and the time of the day. The locations are all unique each posing different challenges to you.

To enter

The games are designed intricately. The tactics are mixed up. It is possible to break down the entire floor or the wall with the ballistics. They can be smashed using a sledgehammer. Gunfires can be used to pit it with the peepholes. To figure out where you will be safe is difficult. 

Dig in

Defenders have blast-proof shutters which can be deployed to reinforce the windows, walls, and doors. You may find that your breach point has been blocked which is something that may not support you.

From above or below

Every location comes with various access points. The attackers can get in through the hatches or the basement. They may also enter from the rooftops. It is important to be vigilant and keep an eye on the ceiling and floor at all times.

Secure your objectives

In the PvP play, the team needs to complete any one of the objectives. Each of which comes with its parameters.

  • Hostage Rescue – Here the attacking team needs to enter the area and secure a hostage who then needs to be escorted to a point that is marked with the red signal. This is the extraction point. The defender has to prevent this rescue, taking care to not kill the hostage. In case the hostage dies then the side which was responsible for the hostages’ death ends up losing the game.
  • Bomb Defusal – The attacking team member is assigned with a bomb defusal kit. They need to plant this on any of the two objectives that are hidden on the map. They need to plant it and then defend it until the defusal is over. The defending team needs to fortify the objective and should stop the attacking team. They thus need to neutralize the opponent or the carrier carrying the defusal kit.
  • Secure Area – The attacking team needs to locate a room and then occupy it. They can find out about the room from the map. The objective is to hold on to the room for a fixed time. The defending teams’ role is to restrict this. This again is possible by neutralizing the opponent or fortifying the area.

Here is all that you need to know to start playing Rainbow Six Siege. The idea is to understand the nuances of the game and find out your individual style of playing. 


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