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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation lets you create complex and wide sprawling financial and operation documents. This includes Inventory turnover, financial income reports, sales, and purchase reports and many more. Customers can conveniently build reports using Microsoft Excel or Power BI and can then access them from anywhere on their own devices.

Inventory Turnover: This is a document that calculates the ratio of what products the company has sold compared to how many have been replaced in the inventory. It is used to see if the business has excess inventory or vice versa.

Income statement: A critical document that shows the profit and loss of a company in the described period of time. This is a representation of the company’s ability and potential to generate sales, manage their expenses, and resulting profits it can generate.

Sales and purchase report: This document notifies the sales of material and resources that the company has bought in a select period of time as compared to the sales of the products in the same. It shows the dynamic relation between incoming material and outgoing products.
Dynamic deployment: 

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the reports and documentation are published as soon as they are generated, saving a lot of time in manual push publishing. This automated process provides immediate value feedback to your systems and also acts as a backup option in the case of a data hazard.

Customizations made to the reports are super quick too. A minor change, if pushed through a trickle-down manual hierarchy can take days to reach the designated spot while a change made in the reports of Dynamics 365 F and O will be instant, quick and reversible at all times.

Dynamics 365 F and O also provide business insights, including previous information about clients and operations and situation exactly like they happened so that the same information can be used for future reporting.

Below are a few sectors that F and O oversee and revolutionizes:

Finance management of the enterprise: 

• Provide dynamic reporting and insights through analytic feeds that are customizable and are available in 34 countries in 60 different languages. The same analytics help you in making informed decisions and give you a birds-eye view of the financial operations as well as the company working.
• Create reports that set precedent to rules about operations, charts of accounts and customer relations supports.
• Efficiently track values and reduce reporting errors by automatically managing capitalized assets.
• Meet public sector requirements for encumbrance and budgeting


Optimize planning, management, resource consumption and enhance scheduling affairs all the while saving costs through Finance and Operations.

• Optimize financial operations by supporting your manufacturing with supply chain analytics.
• Through specific solutions, get proper management schedules for your company. This includes warehouses, human resources, product shipping and working orders.
• Identify and resolve problems even before the problem even happens by monitoring the automated system updates that F and O collect and dispatches to you in real-time.

Supply chain: 
Supply chain is the combined network of all personnel and objects in a business that is involved from raw material to product or from customer engagement to service provision.

• Automatically sync current operations throughout the enterprise and across all of the warehouses regardless of the physical locations in order to see a unified, streamlined view of operations.
• With Dynamics fueled automated processes and Dynamics GP partner in Dubai enterprises can increase customer response time.
• Make sure the procurement is as you like and is being done as quickly as you want through single dashboard access to all the contacts, inquiries and connections made in this regard.

Cloud services:                                                                                                       Cloud is the technology of today. Gone are the days when you had to increase your storage capacity to run a few more programs or store just a little more data.

• Get flexible cloud and on-premises deployment where you have to pay for what you use.

  • Get rapid collaboration between the teams and the customer relationship experts.
  • Save costs by shifting your data to the cloud and protect from data damage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a must-have for corporations that have a wide operation sphere and are continuously upgrading their operations.

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