How To Use Competitive Timing for More Comments, Likes, ReTweets and Clicks

While studying about social media and marketing, I’ve found one of the most interesting pattern about Competitive timing. I’ve been doing some Experiments promoting my posts and pages on social media and found that the most successful day’s and time to publish our new content are off-peak times.

It’s like when you’re at a party that is too noisy and it’s very hard to hear what your friend is trying to tell you 2 feet away, suddenly you shout something very awkward and all the room quiets down. Now everyone can clearly hear you. The same happens with the internet. When the other noise to compete is less (ie Fewer mails, blog posts, fewer Tweets, etc) your can gain everyone’s attention more easily.

You can see the info-graphic below that is showing the best phenomenon I have identified.


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