How To Connect Your Blogger Blog To Google+ Pages

Bloggers allows you to connect your blog to Google+ from a long time. By connecting your blog to a Google+ page, you can auto publish your Blog post on Google+ pageBefore some time we have been able to link our blogger profile to Google+ profile. Now Blogger allow us to connect our blog to Google+ pages.

Advantage of Connecting your Blog to Google+ page:

Google+ is one of the most important social networking site on Internet. With the Google+ personal search, When ever your post is shared on Google+ profile and Google+ pages, there is more chances to visibility of your article to your Google+ followers.

Only After connecting your blog to Google+ page you will be able to add Google+ Follower widget to your blog. By the official Google+ share button allows you to share content only on your Google+ profile, There is no other way to share your content on your Google+ page. But here is how you can auto publish your article on Google+ page if you are using Blogger. So this is the best advantage of connecting your blog to Google+ page is to auto publish your article on Google+ page.

If you haven’t already connected your blog to its Google+ page, follow the instruction given below to make it happen.

Connect your blog to a Google+ Page:

If you a have a blog on blogger and also have its page on Google+, check how you can connect them.

Step 1. Go to Blogger >> Your Blog>> Google+ check the picture below.

connect Googleplus to blogger

Step 2. Now select your blog pages from the list of pages. Check the picture below.

Step 3. Don’t forget to check the “Automatically share after posting” box at right.

Connect blogger to Google+

Step 4. Cheers! You have done.

Now each time you publish a blog post, either the blog post would be shared automatically on your Google+ page or you will be asked to share your post on Google+ page just like the below picture in case you clicked on prompt to share after posting.

Note: This option is unavailable for blogs featuring adult content.

Hope you like this tutorial on How to connect your Blog to Google+. Now Don’t forget to Add Google+ Followers widget to your blog.

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