COD: Black Ops Cold War – How to Win Zombies Mode

Surviving the call of duty zombies’ mode is not for the feeble-minded gamers. You need all the tactics and strategies you can get to achieve the Die Maschine Map goals. Also, you need to win lots of points to upgrade your ammo for the deadlier zombie invasion. Remember, every round you win takes you to a more complex round and, of course, more aggressive zombies. 

So, you must try to get upgraded weapons and even build the “pack-a-punch” machine, which requires many points. The machine equips you with even more enhanced weapons and abilities to defeat the undead. Therefore, you must start winning points from the beginning by killing those horrible and aggressive zombies. But how will you do all that?

This article has all the tips, tricks, hacks, and tactics you need to make it on the blood-curling Die Maschine map. Also, these strategies will be a great help if Ideaworks Game Studio comes up with more terrifying seasons.   

How to Win Zombies Mode 

Winning every round of zombies is possible if you utilize these strategies. 

  1. Use the Create-a-Class loadout feature.

A custom loadout is very important at the beginning of the game. You can carry all the guns you have, from the multiplayer mode to the zombies’ mode. Start by going to the “Loadout menu” to access the “Create a Class” Function. This feature will enable you to gather different kinds of tools and weapons to kill the undead. As you keep ranking higher in the game, you’ll be unlocking more custom loadout slots to configure as you wish. Also, check out the “Field Upgrade” for better Zombie mode weapons such as the “Energy Mine.”

  1. Use Aetherium Crystals to upgrade Skills. 

The Zombies Mode is all about weapons, and you must do everything to get better ammo. As you win more rounds in the Zombies Mode, you’ll earn Aethrium Crystals to upgrade Skills.  If you earn around milestones, complete the Easter Egg or Exfil through the chopper, you’ll earn Aethrium Crystals.  So try to win many rounds to win the round milestone. It takes 5 rounds to record one round milestone win, and each milestone gives you more Crystals. You can upgrade Skills with your accumulated crystals, which means better Weapon Classes, Field Upgrades, Ammo Mods, and Perks. 

  1. Outsmart Plaguehounds and the Megatons 

Every round of Zombies Mode gets more dangerous and challenging. However, you need to be wary of the Plaguehounds and Megatons. The Plaguehounds use gas to attack the humans in the game. If you must defeat them, maintain a safe distance while attacking them. Before the spawn, you’ll hear “fetch me their souls,” and then, everywhere becomes foggy. So try to stay far and attack them to protect your soul. 

The Megatons come at you with radioactive power. You need your best weapons to destroy them. If you deplete a megaton’s health, it regenerates and divides into two deadly zombies known as the “Bomber” and “Blaster.” These undead sets are terrible, and it can only take the powerful Pack-a-Punch machine to destroy them. 

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  1. Earn more points 

You need to earn a lot of points to get Essence. The cheapest but deadly way to do that is by killing many zombies. Essence takes you to the main objective, which is building your machine. So, try to attract zombies on the map and kill as many as possible. 

Run in circles and let them follow you stupidly through corridors, so they don’t overtake you and fetch your soul. As you kill them, you open doors and unblocks pathways to ensure your survival. 

  1. Target the Underground Facility to Turn the Power On 

You can’t build the Pack-a-Punch machine without turning on the power in the Underground facility. The facility is hidden away behind several doors that will eat up your Essence as you open them. So, agree with your team on who gets to open which doors until you achieve your target. If you plan it well, you can open the Underground Facility and turn on the lights in round seven. 

After turning the light on, move to your next goal by turning on the terminals. From the terminals, keep entering the portals until you can pick the Pack-a-Punch Machine Part. 

  1. Unlock your Pack-a-Punch Machine

The best surviving tip you need in the Black Ops Cold War: Zombie Mode is to build the Pack-a-Punch machine. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can use it to deal deadly damages against the zombies. 

The machine gives you lots of deadly kills, and you have the opportunity to upgrade the weapons with Essence. For instance, using Tier 1 takes 5000 Essence while Tier 2 takes 15,000 Essence. If you now want to use the deadlier Tier 3, you’ll spend 30,000 Essence.   

This is why you must earn lots of points throughout the game. But once you have the Pack-a-Punch machine, you can win the game.


Winning the Zombies Mode is fun if you use these tips we’ve dropped for you. Moreover, if the battle gets too harsh, you can exfil to safety. 

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