How To Check & Fix Grammatical Mistakes In Your Sentences?

Grammatical mistakes in the thesis are always a matter of concern for native English speaker. Errors in grammar throughout the content will not make the content appealing or informative to the reader in spite of your efforts to make it engaging with through research. Have you ever wondered about an effective way to improve your writing skills?  The current article details the ways to improve your writing skills and make it flawless.

Spelling and grammar are the two important things that play a key role in improving the flair of your writing and make the content appealing. Though the writer key focus in drafting the content is to make it informative and engaging, key attention should be given to spelling and grammatical errors. These errors in the content may sometimes deviate from the intended meaning so, careful attention should be given.

Fix Your Grammer

How to check spelling?

It is important to check the spelling in the content.  A normal spell checker will get the job done in this case.  The spell checker feature in the word document will be able to detect most of the errors, they will not be able to identify grammatical errors like contextual spelling mistakes. Grammar checking software like Grammarly will do the job in this case.

How to check grammar?

Grammar is another important aspect that plays a key role in delivering the right meaning to the reader.  You should always proofread the content to check the grammar errors. One should be versed with the Basic English grammar. It is advisable for you to go reputed reference sites to learn some English grammar basics before you draft the content. Having the basic knowledge of the English grammar will help you identify the errors manually and fix them to make the content appealing.

How to fix grammatical mistakes in the sentences?

If you are still worried about the chances of grammatical mistakes in the content, there are always grammars checking software like Grammarly.  You can just paste it in the software and click here to check the sentence. It is an easy way to check the grammar errors in the sentences and fix them effectively.

Grammar errors

The software not only highlights grammar errors in the content but also offers suggestions to make the necessary corrections to make the content flawless.  The grammar checking software is available in both free and premium version. While the free version of the software corrects the basic grammatical mistakes in the sentences, premium version of the software checks the advanced errors in the sentences.

Spell checking

As stated above, the grammar checking software has advanced spell check feature.  It can easily identify contextual spelling mistakes in the content which cannot be identified by the normal spell checker.

Improves writing style

Grammar checking software is also known for improving your writing style by suggesting better phrasing and alternative vocabulary improve your style of writing.


Some grammar software provides a readability score based on the complexity of the sentences used in the content. Improving the readability of the sentences in the content is very important from the perspective search engine ranking especially when you are writing the digital content as part of your digital marketing efforts.

Plagiarism check

This is another important thing that the writer should look for while writing the content to ensure that the search engines don’t spam the content.  Premium versions of the grammar software offer plagiarism feature to keep the digital content from copyright issues.


Premium versions of the grammar checking software will give templates like resumes and business letters to help the business owner create right format without the need for referring books or web.


While the business organization needs to spend a lot of time in making the big documentation on regular basis, premium version of this sentence checking software will be a great handy tool. It not only eliminates the need for manual checking of grammatical errors, it also suggests corrections to make your content appealing and error free.   Though these tools can be a substitute for manual proofreading, they can be a great time saver in identifying basic grammatical errors and fixing them.

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