The new Canvas features are here! Yes, those about which so much expectation was created with a striking countdown and under the motto of “discover the magic.”

The truth is that, today, there is nothing that can remind us more of magic than Artificial Intelligence (AI). And, although we are at the beginning of a tool that will undoubtedly change the way we understand how to create content, the results are already fascinating.

Canvas has relied on AI to create its latest features full of utilities and, above all, a lot of magic. Shall we take a look at them? Keep reading!

How Canvas’s new tools work

If you want to save time, give a new concept to your content or discover new ways to create Children’s Book Ghost Writer For Hire, you can’t miss the options that Canvas offers with its new features!

#1 Magical Multimedia

With this option, Canvas will create unique images or videos based on text. It warns us that they are improving technology, and that some images or videos may not be entirely realistic. However, the results are already surprising, and we are sure that sooner rather than later there will be updates that improve the quality of the content.

We tried asking him to create an image for us about “Old books stacked on a desk near a window in professional cinematic style.” This is one of the results (gives four options to choose from):

#2 Magic writing

Not feeling inspired? Are you going against the clock and need to advance work? We are sure that this functionality can help you.

With magical writing, following a text, you can ask him different things: to continue writing it, to summarize that text, to rewrite it with other words, to give it a more fun touch, to give it a more formal appearance or to with a touch of fantasy.

Without a doubt, it is ideal for when we have a concept in our head and we want to restructure it in the most appropriate way for our content. Test it!

#3 Magic expansion

Sometimes we need more of the same image, to know how it would continue if the photo had been taken from further away or from another perspective. Whether it’s to fit specific content, or because we simply need a larger image, Canvas’s magical expansion helps us get just what we need.

#4 Magic Edition

Sometimes, we want to take advantage of content but we need it to meet a series of characteristics so that it matches what we are looking for. With Canvas’s magic edition you can ask for specific specifications about a product by marking it on the image.

For example, we have specified the tool to change the color and shape of the bag in the image. This has been one of the results that has convinced us the most:

#5 Magic Redesign

Resize your design in several formats at the same time, adapting it to each of them. In addition, you can translate your design into another language immediately book marketing company. Without a doubt, with magical redesign you will save a lot of time and you will be able to dedicate it to other tasks!

More Canvas features

We hope you liked and surprised the new Canvas features. But if you thought that was all, you are very wrong!

Take a look at the rest of the features and internalize those that we have explained in the article in this video of less than two minutes. Let nothing stop you with Canvas.

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