Build Your Career in IT with Windows Server 2016 by Passing Microsoft 70-740 ExamUsing Exam Dumps

Hello certification hopefuls. Do you know why is it important to update your professional skills? Do you ever feel like you are stuck in your current position? Ever wished you could climb the corporate ladder faster, command higher salaries or even get better working terms?

Well, for many,thedesire to upgrade their current skills has remained a wish, unfulfillable even with plenty of years of experienceunder their belt. Fortunately, it would seem Microsoft has finally brought a solution for 2020 and beyond.This company has been at the forefront of IT certifications for a very long time and now its exceptional credentials are ideal for upskilling and remaining competitive in the job market.

In this post, wesuggest how you canimprove your IT career by passing the Microsoft exam 70-740 and earning an associate-level badge in Windows Server 2016.Butfirst, here are a few reasons you should prioritize the Microsoft certifications in 2020.

Why Should You Become Microsoft Certified in 2020?

1.Enhance Your Job Prospects

There’s no denying that Microsoft credentials are one of the most popular certifications in the IT landscape.They are intended to verify your skills in the chosen niche and help you achieve your career ambitions in the long run. Ifyou are dreaming of the six-figure salaries by reaching the peak of your career growth, then attaining an MCSA to start your professional development early sounds the most reasonable approach.

2.Get Recognized for Your Knowledge and Technical Skills

The competitive nature of the IT industry is plain to see.A proper certification thus, gains you a much-needed recognition for your skills and helps you stand out from the general crowd. It serves as a testament to your real-world masteryin current ITtechnologies that will earn you a number of benefits.

3.Advance Your Knowledge

If you are working in IT then you might have already noticed that unlike most other fields, this industry is never standstill and there’sa requirement to update your knowledge on a constant basis. Microsoftcertifications are restructured to include the latest IT concepts such as cloud, automation, and others. And this makes them ideal for individuals looking to position themselves for new roles within the industry by advancing their skills.

What Should Candidates Know About the Microsoft 70-740 Exam?

Build Your Career in IT with Windows Server 2016 by Passing Microsoft 70-740 ExamUsing Exam Dumps
Build Your Career in IT with Windows Server 2016 by Passing Microsoft 70-740 ExamUsing Exam Dumps

The Microsoft exam 70-740 is one of the three tests that will qualify you for the increasingly important MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. Other two exams you will need to take along withthis one are 70-741 and 70-742 by code.

Each of these tests will cost you at least $165 depending on your location and should be taken one after another in a certain order and exam 70-740 is the first one to complete.

Which Important Exam Objectives Should You Know in Advance?

To best assess your skills and prepare you for the next two exams within the Windows Server 2016 domain, the Microsoft 70-740 testcovers6 importantobjectives. These include the following;

  • High Availability(30-35%)
  • Windows Containers(5-10%)
  • Hyper-V(20-25%)
  • Storage Solutions(15-20%)
  • Host and compute environments(10-15%)
  • Server Environments(10-15%)

Are You Eligible for the Microsoft 70-740 Exam?

There are no strict eligibility requirements for taking 70-740 exam. However, Microsoftstill recommendsthat all candidates should have basic IT knowledge before registering for this test.

Candidates will be also expected to be familiar with a variety of Windows Server 2016 attributes such as Failover Clustering Solutions, DataDeduplication, StorageSpaces Direct, andHigh Availability to mention just a few.

What Should You Know About the MCSA inWindows Server 2016 Certification?

This MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016 confirmsif a candidate is proficient inunderstanding the Windows Server 2016 infrastructure.

Obtaining this credential is more than just a way to evaluate your skills because it also qualifies you for respectable job roles in the industry. Some of the positions you can fill with your newly acquired associate-level Microsoft certification in Windows Server 2016 include Computer NetworkSpecialist and Systems Administrator among the rest.

How Microsoft Official Website Can Be Helpful?

Microsoft provides a comprehensive training programand several other tools to supplement your learning. 

Forinstance, candidates who are fond of classroom training can check out the instructor-led course. This is a great way to gain knowledge from IT professionals that will help you tackle all the exam objectives easily. On the other hand, those with a busy schedule can choose studying with an online learning platform.Also, to improve your preparation, you can use the official exam guide which you can also find on the Microsoft website.

Andwhen you feel ready to take your exam,gauge your knowledge by taking the Microsoft-provided practice test for 70-740.This training modality is helpful because its contentinvolves the previous exam questions to help check your knowledge in advance.

Why Should You Use ExamSnap Website?

Vendor-provided training materials and exam guides are great for preparation but are they enough to cover all the exam details?Frankly speaking, no.So, prepare for your Microsoft 70-740 exam today using reliable prep materials from website. 

One official practice test may also be not enough for your complete preparation and that is why exam dumps are so important. ExamSnap offers numerous dumps that are collections of actual questions and answers from past exams compiled by successful candidates. Now, you can download them for free and see the real exam structure.

Also, you can opt for the Premium Bundle that goes for only $39,97 and includes an expert-verified vce file which is frequently reviewed and updated, a course of video lectures, and a study guide.

And the best part? These dumps are offered in the vce format and so should be used in the VCE Player. With this software, you can explore the real exam environment, create your own tests and monitor your progress due to detailed reports.


Building a successful careerin any field starts with mapping out a plan that connects your interests and strengths. It’s also important to note the available resources, the amount of time you wish to dedicate to your career growth and of course, the ultimate aim.The MCSA Windows Server 2016is a respectablecredential that will help market your skills and put you on course for big things in IT. It’s never too late to advance.So,pass your 70-740 and two other required exams with actual exam dumps and enjoy your career prospects.

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