BTC or XMR? Main similarities and differences

There are different types of cryptocurrencies in the world, and there are also different types of their mining. Miners race to solve a math puzzle, and the first person to solve it is rewarded with virtual coins.

The emergence of XMR on the market in 2014 brought back the popularity of cryptocurrency mining on the PC.

Feature of Monero

It is worth saying a little about the coin itself, because they have differences, although it also uses the Proof-of-Work method, it is easier to mine. It is for those who want to remain anonymous and can make quick transactions.

A nice bonus to everything – it can apply “common machines” definitely for miningLinks, which gives it huge demand amongst the holders.


The usual outstanding distinction is its complete anonymity. When a digital trade participant carries out bitcoin movement, they may be easily traced to the subscriber’s transactions, for example, on the BlockExplorer website.

This means the possiblility to track all completed transactions and each payment of all participants in the crypto trading market.

Monero always uses privacy features for its transactions. When someone sends Monero, it is impossible to track who transferred the funds. And since the wallet address is unknown, there is no way to know what transactions are being made by the traders. But actions within a bitcoin block are an allowable ledger.


XMR mining is independent of specific combined courses (ASICs) and can be performed among each processor and video card. It is possible to mine this cryptocurrency in the cloud.

Without an ASIC, it is practically impossible to use a conventional computer to cooperate in the Bitcoin development method.

Monero’s development algorithm does not support ASICs as it was created to bring more “small” links rather than relying on multiple claims and mining types of equipment.

Benefits of Monero above Bitcoin that give Monero’s reputation among miners a pliable block size. This means that it does not take that long for transactions to enter a later block.

Total emission of Monero, unlike BTC, is not limited (which can be either + or -).

The predictions of most cryptanalysts agree on one thing that XMR is a rather promising digital currency and will only increase its attractiveness in the market in  future.


Since its inception, Monero has been steadily moving forward and introducing unique technologies in the field of cryptocurrency protection. Compared to Bitcoin, and despite early setbacks and technical problems, the coin clearly leads in terms of anonymity and untraceability. But he also has competitors. Other private currencies like:

·                     Dash;

·                     Zcash;

·                     PIVX;

·                     Verge.

 It is possible to find monero to bitcoin exchange online, like others cryptopairs. But competition in the world of cryptocurrencies benefits the product because the coin must implement innovative methods that other developers are already using. And thanks to the flexibility of the protocol, the currency can generate

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