Bodmas Rule

In mathematical calculations, we need to perform simplification of arithmetic expressions. There are certain defined rules that have to be followed while doing these operations. A mathematical expression involves different operations that we need to perform but there is a fixed sequence or order in which these operations have to be done to reach the correct solution. BODMAS rule gives a structured form for performing mathematical operations that need to be followed to make the calculations easier and generate an accurate solution.


There is a simple and convenient method that helps us to remember the sequence in performing the operations during the simplification of mathematical expressions. This method is called the BODMAS rule which indicates the sequence in which these operations can be performed. The term BODMAS is formed by taking the first letter of each operation in the order in which these operations have to be performed. This basically reminds us of the order of operations to be used. The full form of BODMAS is::
B – Brackets

O – Order of power or roots

D – Division

M – Multiplication

A – Addition

S – Subtraction

Explaining The Rule

  • B: Solving the expression starts with calculations within the brackets. Again, for the brackets, small brackets ( ) have the first priority, then curly brackets { } and then big brackets [ ].
  • O: The second operation in the calculation deals with the order of power or exponential terms.
  • DM: The next in order is the division and multiplication operations. However, it is not in the given order but whichever comes first while going from left to right in the equation.
  • AS: The next operations are addition and subtraction but not in the same order. Whichever operation comes first between these two while moving from left to right is to be done first.

Points To Remember About BODMAS

Bodmas Rule
  • B is the first letter which means the calculation starts with operations enclosed in brackets.
  • O is the second letter that stands for order, power, or roots which are to be solved next.
  • The next letter ‘D’ appearing before ‘M’ does not mean that we have to do division before multiplication but to follow the order from left to right whichever comes first.
  • Then A (addition) and S (subtraction) operations are to be carried out in the sequence that appears first from left to right.

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