Best Swiss Smartwatches In the Market Today

The Swiss timepiece enthusiasts were mistaken: smartwatches are not anymore a craze. On the opposite, these tech-savvy watches have turned to be a backbone of the watchmaking world, and more significantly, have been wholeheartedly welcomed by a few of the most experienced manufacturers.

But with a more extensive selection comes more profound deliberation. What specialties will actually help in your day-to-day ventures? And which will be entirely worthless? To clarify these mysteries (and more), we have selected through the most desirable smartwatches on the market to accommodate your no doubt very bustling, hectic, and cultured lifestyle. Here are a few of them:

TAG Heuer Connected

A timeless chronograph mixed with state-of-the-art technology, this 45mm Connected by TAG Heuer highlights an ultra-luminous black ceramic bezel, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and stainless steel case.

This smartwatch has not only a clean design but also a neat touch screen interface. With it, it becomes straightforward to operate. TAG Heuer Connected also features a few super-precise health monitors – including heart rate, GPS, sleep, and calorie tracking.

Mondaine Helvetica 1

When talking about absolutely outstanding design, it’s challenging to disregard the attraction of Mondaine smartwatches. The Mondaine Helvetica timepiece has authoritatively accredited the brand’s font for that special touch of extravagance. At the back of the watch face, you will discover a secondary dial that enables you to monitor your fitness improvement towards several goals.

Frederique Constant 

This smartwatch from Frederique marries a classical automatic movement with Bluetooth connectivity and an accelerometer. The outcome is a timepiece that works like a classic watch, but it also records your daily sleep and activities. 

The watch’s Bluetooth Low Energy module is driven by a standard timepiece battery that endures within two to four years before it can be replaced.

Alpina Swiss Horological Smartwatch

When it comes to fashionable smartwatches, Alpina’s newest Horological Smartwatch brings fashion to the next level. Created to provide an understated, yet sophisticated appearance, the Swiss brand blends smoothed stainless steel with a comfortable leather strap and classic navy-blue dial.

Montblanc Summit 2

What better place in the world to begin than with one of the most extravagant watch brands in Switzerland? Montblanc’s Summit 2 has an attractive aesthetic, and everything about it is highly classy and refined. This feature is expected of a Montblanc piece, but it is exceptional to observe how excellently they have combined advanced technology with classic styling.

Not only does the smartwatch feel and look good but, maybe surprisingly, it is also extremely feature-rich, which is not always the situation with Swiss timepieces (and smartwatches). With this Summit 2, you can get an accelerometer, NFC, ambient light sensor, heart rate monitor, GPS, gyroscope, altimeter, and haptic engine.

Breitling Exospace B55

As a famous Swiss brand, Breitling has forever considered innovation–discovering horological breakthroughs and successes. With guaranteed Breitling timepieces traders, Breitling has joined the smartwatch revolution with a blast.

The brand one-upped the fuss with its exceptional Exospace B55, presenting a truly luxe fascination to the sensation. Breitling’s tactical progress unlocked a world of triumph and gathered an admiring enthusiast following.

What Breitling got best with its Exospace B55 was the offering of technology-advanced luxury. However, at the end of the day, Breitling lingered true to its origins and held the watches mostly faithful to the traditional self–giving horology an advantage over modern technology.


Today, advanced smartwatches have come. Only several years ago, most individuals dismissed the technology as an excessive accessory or nerd gadgetry. However, smartwatches are now being welcomed by all kinds of individuals with all types of needs and tastes. Technology’s versatility and the pure elegance of the interface have made it an essential product for everyone.

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