Here are the top 10 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

Cartoons are an inseparable part of our childhood and many events of our past are associated with it. Many people love to see cartoons, in spite of being grown-up adults. Actually, cartoons are funny to look at and many people enjoy their past time watching cartoons. The enjoyment part of watching cartoons is not limited to children nowadays.

With the advent of iPhones and certain iPhone cartoon apps, you can turn every moment of your time into a cartoon. Just take a picture of the moment and convert it into a cartoon with the help of certain apps. You and your friends will really love to see your own pictures in a cartoon form customized with the help of the animation yourself app. Below is mentioned a few best free cartoon yourself apps which will be suitable for iPhone

Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone
                                                      Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

1.Cartoon Yourself

With the help of this cartoon app for the iPhone, you can transform any image into a cartoon within a few seconds. You can even convert your own image into a cartoon in three simple and very easy steps.

  1. a) Add the photo which you want to make a cartoon
  2. b) Apply the cartoon effect from the app
  3. c) Save the photo on the iPhone or post it over the Internet

Twelve possible sketches of the cartoon are available with this app. These sketches include black or white or sketch or drawing, etc. There are also options of cropping the final image into different shapes like rectangle, square, circle or shape of the heart, etc. The most interesting part of this app is that it can work absolutely fine offline without any Internet connection.

2. Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

It is one of the most popular apps and has been used by approximately more than a million users. The greatest feature of this app that makes you a cartoon is that the final outcome will look like a wonderful piece of art. You can make a wonderful cartoon of your own image, too.

Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone
                                                               Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

More filters are being added every day giving a wider set of options to the users. The users will be able to give different shades of cartoons to their pictures, making the outcome really funny and attractive.

One can edit the photo by using sharpness, brightness, and other features. You can communicate with their community of the users and can even get in touch with a user if you find his or her creation quite interesting

3. Cartoon Photo Filters-CoolArt

This is one of the most attractive cartoon face apps which is being used by many users across the world. With the help of this app, you can turn your picture into a funny and attractive cartoon quite easily. In this app, around 30 filters are available which can help the users to give a final output to the picture.

This app is very fast and easy to use. Being easy to use, it is considered to be one of the most popular cartoon apps on the Internet. The app is so popular among the users that there have been more than 10 million downloads of the app on Google Play. The app works fantastic on the iPhone and after downloading the app and the filters, you can make wonderful, funny types of cartoon outputs of your own face and show it to your friends and relatives.

4. MomentCam cartoons and stickers

 It is a very popular animate yourself app as more than 300 million people have downloaded this app to create cartoons of their own images and others. You can also add animated stickers to the image and make it more attractive and funny.

Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone
                                                       Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

 After choosing the picture and converting it into a cartoon, you can add some stickers to it. The hairstyle or the facial expression of the person can be changed. To make it funnier, some quotes within the text bubbles can also be added. The database of the app is daily updated and accordingly adjusted with your cultural background and other personal preferences.

Adding stickers and emotions to the image is also one of the biggest features of this app. One can make the cartoon more attractive and creative by adding nice stickers to the photos.

5. Booble Gif Stickers Keyboard

This is a very popular app that makes you look like a cartoon. It will not only allow you to create your own cartoon quite easily but will also allow adding a lot of emoticons, GIF images, and funny stickers. You can make a funny Booble Head of your face with stickers and communicate with that with your friends.

After you make a funny face of yours with this app, your online communication with friends and associates will become more interesting. People will enjoy communicating with you if you display a funny picture to you. Download it and enjoy using it.

6. Cartoon Face animation creator

If you really want to entertain your friends and relatives and make them laugh, just use this wonderful app to create a cartoon face of yours. This cartoon yourself app is very easy to use and within a few seconds, you will be able to create a funny cartoon face of yours.

Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone
                                                    Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

You can also add facial expressions to the cartoon picture. You can make the face look very happy or in deep grief or make it funnier by adding a wink as if you are flirting with somebody. An interesting feature of this app is that you can convert your own face to that of an alien or a troll. Once the picture is ready, you can save it into the gallery section of the iPhone or share it on Instagram of Facebook with your friends.

 7. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Become your favorite comic hero using Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker and share your funny masterpiece with your global community through social media. This app to make yourself a cartoon character is free to download and lets you edit your pictures and convert them to the high-quality cartoonish photo.

With the help of its Caricature mode, you can emphasize the characteristics of a face and create a distinctive style of caricature to add your personal touch. You can easily save these photos on your iPhone or iPad. Clip2Comic is also a great app for editing videos.

Apart from these, Clip2Comic & Caricature offers some special tools. For example, it enables us to use an Apple Pencil as well as using a finger to edit a photo. This way you can edit them more perfectly. Moreover, it has a deformation tool that makes the cartons look more funny and unique.

 8. Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO

Cartoon Sketch Camera is a unique and innovative app that turns you into a cartoon and can convert any object into a cartoon image. Just hold the camera in front of the object and it will look just like a hand-drawn sketch. It takes almost no time and users have conveyed that it is extremely fun and simple to create a sketch or a cartoon-like picture in seconds with just a single tap.

Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO
                                                          Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

It offers eight amazing effects/filters which give your images a distinctive look and these are Dots, Sketch, Cartoon, Crosshatch, Halftone, Swirl, Pixellate and Emboss. This app also lets you share your photos on various social sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Just create your fun photos using Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO and save them to Photo Library. This app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later version and you can install it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

9. iCartoonizer

the cartomizer is a very popular app to create funny cartoons from photos. This cartoon edit app lets you add details including haircuts, hair colors, mustaches, glasses and many more. Just combine the photos with the numerous illustrations given by the application and see which one looks best.

You can spend hours with this fun app as there are more than 100 cartoon filters available with this app to be tried on. You can also add emoticons and stickers to the photos to make them look funny.

10. Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
                                                    Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps for your iPhone

If you want to make your cartoon pictures with your iPhone then Insta Toon is another great app that can turn your fun moments into trendy and cool art! This free cartoon app instantly creates eye-catching images from a picture. You can either use the real-time camera to create your comical art or use existing photos from the camera roll.

It comes with a modern interface that is pretty easy to learn. Just turn your picture into a masterpiece using its wide range of artistic styles. Go on experimenting with a different tone and texture available in this app.

You will have lots of fun using its advanced controls to generate remarkable results. It lets you save your arts as a GIF image, Live Photo or video. You can easily create your art in different image resolutions including SD, HD, Full HD or even Ultra HD*which is available on iPhone 6 or newer versions.


With the help of the above free cartoon yourself apps, one can create funny pictures of self and share it with friends and followers. Your social communication will be funny and more attractive.

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