Artificial Kidney Transplant May Possibly Hit The Indian Market by 2020 


Artificial kidneys would be the most significant revolution in the field of medical science. It will help us to treat approximately three times more patients than we can help right now. Indian based Dr. Shuvo Roy has done the best work in the medical field by introducing the bio implantable device to coordinate the Renal Transplants in India. 

The trials for the success of the research are continuously in progress since the idea is proposed. The research is very close to its practical implementation, as the test results of the procedure performed on various animals are a great success. 

It is expected that the Artificial Kidney Transplant will start in India will start by 2020. It is going to save the life of both the national and international patients, who cannot avail of the treatment, just because of the unavailability of the donor.  

Also, the Cost of Artificial Kidney Transplant in India is going to be considerably low just like other medical treatments. 

More Details About The Artificial Kidney and Its Functioning:

Artificial kidneys are made up of two different sections. The first section is made of the silicon chips. It is meant to filter the toxins out of the blood, that remain in the blood due to failure of the original kidney. 

Now, coming to the next section of the artificial kidney it is also made up of silicon chips. The filtered blood from the first section passes on to the next section. However, this section is coated with human kidney cells. These natural kidney cells help in the reabsorption of the helpful nutrients and restore them back to the body. It includes necessary salt, sugar and other important ingredients to the body.

In short, scientists have made a product that is exactly similar to that of the natural kidney, not only in terms of looks, but also in its function. It is expected that this Kidney would perform the function in the body better than that of the kidney from the living donor. 

As there is no transplant from the living donor, then there would not be any rejection from the immune system of the body. So, it is not at all required to consume immunosuppressants for the rest of life.

The cost of an artificial kidney can be a bit higher than the Average Cost of Kidney Transplant in India, but then you will be saved from the expenses of the medicine and follow-up care for the rest of your life.

Final Words:

The country is advancing exponentially in the field of organ transplants and delivering satisfactory medical care not only to the patient in India but across the world. The doctors, scientists, and researchers are not yet satisfied and are continuously progressing. The trials for Artificial kidney transplants are going on with the speed, and it will soon be live to save the life of the patients who have lost their hope. If you are having any renal issues, you can plan your medical tourism to India for a quick and affordable recovery.

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