7 Tips to Build Your Freelance Graphic Design Career on Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place for side-hustle and to earn a full-time income on this website. It’s much better than Freelancer.com, Upwork, and other top freelance aggregator sites. There is not any kind of subscription that you have to pay and it’s totally free to post the gigs.

This platform is totally free to join as well as gigs are also free, thus no matter whether you are already the freelancer or looking out for the new platforms, the talented and skilled individual who is interested inside money or thinking to quit your day job, then Fiverr is the best place to checkout.

Here you will find plenty of good opportunities, making sure you use the right ways and you will be the world’s best graphic designer on this website.

Finding Ways to earn money as a Graphic Designer

However, figuring out how you can go about being the world’s best graphic designer isn’t quite obvious as you may think. Actually, there are a lot of graphic designers in the market out there that have actually failed to make a huge impact beyond the regular job.

In the same way, there’re some graphic designers that are hardly getting by, and struggling really hard to get the work and extra income.

This comes to our next question, how can you make additional money reliably as the graphic designer, and without subjecting to the excessive pressure or stress along your way?

The obvious way of earning money as a graphic designer will be to work as a freelancer on top websites like Fiverr. With freelancing, you’re renting out your talent and skills to the individual clients.

Suppose you will be getting involved in freelancing on the internet, there is not any shortage of options. One top example is Fiverr.

This website has actually become highly popular as the market for inexpensive services (like logo design and graphic design). It is the best resource and lots of people go there searching for work, which includes graphic design jobs.

Suppose you are not the designer still, becoming the freelance graphic designer can take much more time as you need to learn this trade itself after that you will learn how you can start the design business.

Suppose you are not very certain if Fiverr is the right site for you, then you must check out the expert review. After that, you must read what it is like to work on a platform by reading the experiences of somebody who has.

  1. Create Your Account

Before you may post the first gig on Fiverr, you will have to first create your own account. You will have to sign up by using the Facebook account or Google account, or your email address.

When you have selected how you want to create your account, you will need to select the username and create the password or you can enter the email address. When your account is made, just go to the inbox, activate this, or fill out the profile.

  1. Show Your Top Work

On the Fiverr site, you have a wonderful opportunity of creating the “Gig Gallery” for every gig. Your gallery will house the portfolio to showcase your talents.

Being a designer, you must make most of the visuals! Suppose you are the Photoshop designer, you can add a few pictures that you have enhanced and edited.

The brand-focused graphic designers would like to add the samples of the freelance brochure design, ads, and web graphics.

Select the best and highly relevant pieces for showing off the skills. Ensure every image in the gallery is of high resolution. Choose the original images, which highlight your design and creativity capabilities. Get more images that you wish to share? You will upload the showreel video for featuring work samples.

  1. Find Ideal Fiverr Services and subcategory

Whenever you feel like joining Fiverr as a seller, the first thing that they will tell you is to create your gig. However, before you choose the first category, which comes in your head, you must take a little time to work on your perfect niche and services that you will provide.

To do this, you will have look at Fiverr in a way buyer would. You will do that very easily just by clicking on the buying link in its navigation menu.

Then, use menu buttons on the top and find its main category, which matches services that you wish to offer. Visit any link, and you will see the submenu with some subcategories.

You must explore all these in complete detail so that you will pick an ideal one for the gig. Whenever you click on the subcategory, pay close attention to the menu on left of your page. It has more refinements and offers you a little idea what buyers can look for while selecting the services.

  1. Clarify the Project Expectations Upfront

As a freelance creative graphic designer, you will know what you want to make every project a big success. You need to clarify the needs just by adding FAQs in your gig.

It allows potential buyers to know what you can expect while they hire you. And Fiverr offers you good options to include the buyer requirements for every gig.

You may think about the buyer requirements as a data-collection resource. Use this to get a little information that you want for the gig.

As the world’s best graphic designer, you might need access to the standard colors and fonts or insight on the buyer’s likes and dislikes, all along with files to include in the design.

Stay specific if possible with the requirements. For instance, you might have to tell the buyers to upload the file; however, it will help to provide the instructions over how you can upload to help the buyers out.

Keep in mind, it can be the first time that your client has sought to hire freelance graphic design skills online. You must put yourself on their shoes as well as make the gig startup process simple on them.

Tell the buyers to be a little specific if possible in the instructions to you. Upfront and clear communications help each project to get off to the good start.

  1. Check Out Any Competition

When you have refined what you are planning to provide, your next step will be seeing who you are up against. While you are in the subcategory, the default view shows suggested service providers.

However, lots of buyers can be highly interested in who has got a good track record—and these are the competitors. For finding them, change the default view from the Recommended to Bestselling.

It can tell you which of the gigs are popular, as well as give you sense about what type of service you need to offer to make it popular.

You must pay close attention to sellers with many reviews, and the star ratings of above 4.7. That is who you would like to beat.

  1. Get some referrals whenever you get the chance

Some happiest freelance designers that I have interacted get most of the business through the word-of-mouth advertising.No costly ad campaigns and no constant outreach and no pestering businesses at the meet-and-greet type.

However, getting word-of-mouth automatic promotion will be tough in the start of your journey but learning to become a freelance designer. That means you will need to build this.

You must begin by asking for referrals from the existing clients. Each time you have the positive interaction with the client, you must ask them in case they know anybody else that may benefit in hiring the freelance designer.

Every time you deliver the project on right time (over-deliver as well, remember?) is the perfect time to ask in case they have acquaintances, friends, coworkers, and colleagues who may want to work out with you.

  1. Create and Price Fiverr Gig Packages

You can post Gig to Fiverr by using 3 packages in the Fiverr gig that will boost your earnings by around 64%. Thus, it is definitely worth doing.

When you title the gig to show what is offered, you will have over 100 characters for creating a catchy description for every gig package.

Select your gig choices. Once again, if possible gig extras differ depending on a subcategory for the gig. You may create your own. And it varies depending on a subcategory that you are into:

  • Content marketing offers options for the additional optimized titles, content sharing, marketing action plans, as well as more
  • Business plan writing offers options for the leads, cold emailing, cold calling, or more
  • Graphic design offers you options for a number of the concepts included, 3D mockups, resolution, as well as more


Like you may see, creating the successful Fiverr gig is not about a gig itself. But, it is about what you are doing before or after you create a gig.Doing competitive research helps you to create your gig that is made to appeal to your target buyers.

Promoting your gig at your networks or beyond extends the reach so that you will attract more and more business.

No matter whether you are the new designer or seasoned veteran, you may give the freelance career one big boost on Fiverr. The new companies or buyers will sign on Fiverr daily to hire freelance graphic designers.

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