5 Worst Academic Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

A vague thesis statement 

The dissertation describes your claim or point of view on a topic and why and how. A vague dissertation stops to explain a point of view. An example of a vague dissertation statement. 

How do you avoid this?  

You ask yourself why and how is this claim justified? Here is a review of the statement of the said article: High school students will need to complete half a year of community service before they graduate because it teaches them how to make a difference in the world. 

Not enough evidence or facts to support your thesis 

Sometimes this is because there is no evidence. You have chosen a title and written an article that does not have many facts to support it. The second reason is that you are more focused on your ideas and opinions and not on the evidence.

How do you avoid this? Seek evidence and support before deciding on your dissertation (you should know that you can support it before writing the dissertation).

Many people do not spend much time in the pre-writing phase. Therefore, they do not evaluate their subjects to see if their claims are supported.  

Lack of original ideas
Lack of original ideas

Lack of original ideas 

This mistake is made when people present facts but fail to explain how and why they make a point. A clear example of this is when someone writes a reference (is paper help legit) without adding an analysis or explaining its meaning, or it could be a fact that no one talks about it. 

How do you avoid this? When you are copying and pasting evidence, make a quick note of what that evidence means. Ask yourself, “What does that mean?” As you prepare your article on each piece of evidence, these notes will help you incorporate your analysis and ideas about the evidence involved. 

Too many long and confusing sentences 

This is a mistake where your sentences are long and have a lot of words and phrases that are hard to follow. When someone reads your article, they should look at different types of sentences.  

How do you avoid this? When you get enough practice to write in a more comprehensive language, you will avoid it more often. For now, I will give you advice on how to spot it and fix it. Hemmingway Editor and Slack Writing are 2 useful online tools that help you read and edit sentences.  

Not revising and editing the essay 

This is clear when no one has edited or modified their work. Not only are there spelling, grammar, and coding errors, but often the content of the article is also weak. You should review and edit every academic essay you write as it often makes a difference in A or B, B, or C, or C and D essays.  

How do you avoid this? Make sure your content is on topic and supports your main ideas and dissertation. Also, check to see that the article has a logical writing organization, and the writing flows well.

If you are not well versed in whether your content is strong and organized, you will need to work with someone who can read your first draft and But can give you feedback. Checklists and comment sheets will also help you with this. 

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