5 Ways Video Marketing for Business Can Help Put You on Top

Video marketing has become pivotal in almost every medium. Promotional videos for businesses are no longer an optional element of your marketing strategy. Video need not be cinematic or require expensive editing processes.

Authentic, simple video marketing can go a long way with the right audience. Promotional videos for businesses is a significant subcategory of video marketing.
Here are five ways that video marketing techniques can elevate your brand.

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are often a sliver of a greater advertising campaign. A brand video aims to showcase the company’s mission and vision, along with its products and services.

Rather than promote a particular product, brand videos aim to raise awareness for the brand as a whole. Brand awareness is one of the most critical factors in business performance. If consumers don’t know who you are, they are less likely to trust your product.

2. Case Studies or Customer Testimonials

There is hardly a better way to establish a reputation as a company than to share success stories.

Case studies focus on breaking down the process and problem that you solved. In comparison, customer testimonials are geared towards personal stories and recommendations of your services.

Case studies are effective because they demonstrate your understanding of the industry. They show that your company meticulously deconstructed the processes behind your products and services.

Personal testimonials stand out as they help customers feel what it is like to interact with your brand. Videos of smiling or relieved customers allow prospects to feel what your brand represents.

3. Brochure Promotional Videos for Businesses

Video brochures are embedded video files inside a brochure, invitation, or display. The small LCD screen within the brochure plays the file upon opening.

When it comes to promotional videos for businesses, video brochures are the most tangible. They make an impression because physical objects stand out in a world of scrolling and swiping.

This attention-grabbing method is a modern play on a traditional advertising method. Video brochures are a great way to make an impression in-person that stands out from your competition.

4. Event Videos

Videos that capture events like opening days, celebrations, or gatherings are effective promotional tools. They give viewers a more realistic impression of the brand and the event.

By following along into the action, viewers can experience the event through your video.

5. Demo Videos

What better way to demonstrate your product or service than to record it in action? This could be a tour of your production studio/factory or even an unboxing.

Video marketing agencies are often hired to create professional demo videos. For certain products or services, demo videos can be very effective at communicating your company’s value.

Video Marketing Statistics

According to a recent Hubspot trends report, more than 54% of consumers prefer promotional videos for businesses they support. Videos are the most preferred form of advertising.

Above emails, articles, images, and books – videos make the most impact the fastest. If you’re thinking about creating promotional videos for business, you’re on the right track.

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