Useful Tips and Tricks for Students

Contrary to popular belief, students have always found it challenging to learn regardless of the technology and global access to information. Although we have the Internet now and free digital libraries that can help us research, there are still strict professors and problems with grading rubrics. The primary objective, however, is to master the most efficient ways to study and remember what has been learned. It’s a reason why most students have their tips and tricks as they go through the exams and learn how to survive through school and college. For some learners, it may be a helpful app, while for others, it may be turning to sports or meditation. Either way, you have to seek what works for you, as it is the journey, not the destination! 

5 Useful Tips and Tricks for Students 

1. Dividing Large Tasks Into Smaller Chunks.  

The majority of college and school students these days tend to approach several tasks at once, which makes it difficult to start. A useful tip is to divide large tasks into smaller parts by starting with an outline first. While it’s often recommended to start with complex tasks and then end up with the easier ones, it does not always work. Some students need inspiration and want to see something done fast, so make sure to check what works best for you! If the assignment is too challenging, see the Writinguniverse as you seek inspiration and require free templates based on your subject. It will boost your creative skills! 

2. Learning Beyond The Grading Rubric. 

When you are only following the instructions that are given by your teacher or offered by the grading rubric file, your studies will not help you much. It will mostly feel boring and leave you confused as you do not engage in analysis and sorting of information. Regardless of your subject, question the facts and use newspapers, blogs, social media, and scientific magazines to see whether the provided opinion is the most accurate. When you learn this way, you will feel less biased and more confident about your writing. 

3. Taking Notes and Using Voice Recorders. 

While taking notes is not an easy task for modern students, it’s also possible to use either phone voice recorders or use professional hardware solutions by Boss or Zoom Corporation. This way, you can take notes digitally by recording the lectures and taking audio snapshots of your notes. It will make it easier to recall the information that you need as you name the files based on your conventions. 

4. Visiting Helpful Workshops. 

When you are planning to get the best grades and inspire your college professor, provide information and facts that go beyond the course. You have to stand out and show that your exploration is deeper than what you can easily find online. Based on your subject, you can visit TEDx talks and consider various online and offline conferences. If you want to create a unique project, check this out and make sure that you do not ignore proper editing and checking for plagiarism as you proofread. Now, when you visit a workshop and gain certain new skills, your learning will become inspiring as you write and reflect on it! 

5. Starting a Blog. 

If you want to boost your creativity, think about starting a blog based on what you like. It will help to improve your social and writing skills as you design the posts and think about the use of in-text citations and writing tones. When you can practice with your blog, it will be much easier to complete your school assignments. You will also make new friends worldwide! 

Correct Time Management and Leisure Should Come First! 

Regardless of what tips and tricks you may implement as a student, the most important is to manage your time and focus on those things that you love, even if your schedule is tight. Do not be too hard on yourself! It means that you do not have to keep everything pre-programmed and follow a strict schedule to achieve success in your learning. If you are not feeling inspired and do not have at least 15–30 minutes allocated for leisure purposes, it won’t work and make you feel happy. You must manage your time correctly and never forget about motivation and the times of freedom. Do what you feel is right, and remember to fight procrastination, as it is every student’s worst enemy! 


Ruby has been through all the challenges of college life as she constantly talks to students and educators in her work. As an educator and technology specialist, she provides academic assistance and social coaching. Follow Ruby to explore the best ways to learn and have fun as you discover new things. 

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