5 Ideas of Link Building You Must Know About

Surely, as you learn about SEO, you also learn the ins and outs of link building. It’s a crucial element to get you on top of search engine results pages, also building trust with your readers. In fact, you probably already have strategies for link building, which most likely includes:

  • Fixing broken links regularly 
  • Asking for links from websites who have mentioned you
  • Reclaiming any lost links
  • Creating content you can include authoritative links
  • Adding your website to online directories

Yes, this is highly recommended by Joel House Search Media, but is it enough? Remember, building links isn’t just about working with other websites, it’s also about focusing on your readers. 

So what exactly should you do? Read on as I show you five tips to build your links efficiently.

Five Ideas of Link Building Efficiently

We all know that trusted and high-quality backlinks can boost website visibility and authority. This doesn’t only help with SEO efforts, but your business and presence as well, having you achieve goals. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be so complicated, just follow these five simple tips:

  • Become a Guest Writer

Guest blogging is one of the best-known ways to build links. It will take a bit more effort compared to other link building strategies, but its results are extremely efficient. It doesn’t only help increase your website traffic, it boosts SEO because of the link building!

If you’re not familiar with how it works, guest blogging, posting, or writing is when you share or write content for other websites similar to your niche. In that post, you’ll add a link to your website (appropriately), as well as add a link to your author window. 

  • Start Involving Yourself In the Right Causes

Did you know that contributing to good causes such as saving turtles, planting trees, dog shelters and the like can help with your reputation AND link building? It stirs a buzz and can drive traffic to your website, increasing conversions!

To do this, get more involved with community or worldwide projects. Such projects would add your business as a sponsor, which is a form of the advertisement already. Besides that, share to everyone how involved you are in the project and publish posts, share it all over social media, send emails, and update your website.

  • Hand Out Free Resources

Everyone loves free things, even you do! But of course, you shouldn’t only offer free things; you should offer MEANINGFUL resources that your subscribers can use. When you offer such free tools and resources, there’s the opportunity to receive high-quality backlinks AND a better reputation.

Do this by creating valuable resources like eBooks, videos, lists, or online courses. This should be sent to those who subscribed to your email list, so encourage them to sign up with promises of a useful freebie! Also urge them to share it with others, posting your business or resource in exchange for features or prizes!

  • Share Your Testimonials and Reviews

Besides sharing your posts and reviews from YOUR previous customers, why not share your reviews of the products and services you have used before? This is great to use with newer companies, who need to build their site authority and credibility. By posting reviews about companies, they can feature it to their website, building links.

So if you have used a certain product or service you enjoyed, write about it and send the review to the business. Remember to add your business name and website link for them to add to the featured review.

  • Ask and Answer Questions Online

You should consider participating and commenting on forums such as Quora, Reddit, or other websites related to your industry. Make sure you leave relevant and informative comments with a link to your site, which will entice them to check out what you offer. This can improve your site authority while increasing website traffic

You can both ask and answer questions, sharing good feedback while marketing your website and building links. Also, consider posting nice comments (with a backlink to your site) on various blogs that also relate to your target audience. 

Wrapping It Up

If you think your link building strategies seem missing, it most likely is and it’s time to fix that. By interacting with your readers and real humans, it enhances your business and brand presence. And yes, you can gain trust and relationship with link building as long as you have the right knowledge and tactics. 

Hopefully, these five tips on efficient link building fully informed you of what you should do. So start planning out your marketing strategies and gain success from your SEO efforts now!

Do you have any questions or want to share any more tips to build links? Then please share your comments below, all your ideas are appreciated!

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