5 Critical Mistakes you should never commit with your Air Conditioner

The summertime is scorching without your AC working perfectly well. The Air Conditioner is one of the essential tools to ensure comfort during the sweltering summertime. However, problems ought to come up. It is for a reason, you hardly give the time and effort for the maintenance and upkeep of the AC.

The fact is, putting the necessary energy and time regularly, you can boost your AC’s performance and keep it in the perfect working condition. Let’s explore the key points in that context. 

1. You don’t clean or change the filters regularly

One of the most common mistakes homeowners commit is not improving or cleaning the AC filter regularly. Ideally, you require cleaning the filter every fortnight and changing the filters once in 3 months. Look around for the EnergyBulbs.co.uk Discount Codes that fetches the best deals on the purchase of AC Filters. This way, you can downsize the perpetual cost in changing the AC Filters regularly. 

If you are not cleaning and changing the AC Filters regularly, the dirty filter starts hampering the airflow or freezing up the AC’s Evaporator coil, damaging the appliance. After this, you left with no other options than discarding the AC on the whole. 

2. You don’t service your AC annually

Open the user manual for any AC. You will get the advice to repair the appliance at least once a year. If you can invest the time, and you have some necessary skills, you can accomplish this task yourself. Consequently, you can escape the challenges of extravagant expenses, associated with calling the professional service providers all time.

Ideally, you should service your AC once or twice, every six months, and call for the professional cleaners once a year. Maintaining your AC this way, you can enhance its performance and make it more power-efficient. This way, you can downsize the hefty power utility bills. 

3. Working with a non-programmable Thermostat

Not having a programmable thermostat is the biggest injustice, you can do with your Air Conditioner. If you are using a programmable thermostat, you can set the auto-off function, so that the appliance will automatically shut down, after the scheduled time.

This way, you can escape the instances of unproductive expenses for forgetting to switch off the machine, before leaving your house or office. This simple trick will enable you to control the perpetual operating cost significantly. 

4. Setting the Thermostat at an excessively low level

Another blunder with the Air Conditioner is to set the Thermostat at an unduly low level. Doing this, you trigger the chances for irreversible damages to the appliance. Raising the temperature by one degree, you can cut down the power utility bill by 3% or even higher.

Adjusting to the outside temperature is not a big deal, and you can do that easily, with a little bit of patience. As such, you can certainly allow a bit higher temperature, considering the short-term and the long-term benefits you reap. 

5. Improper position of the vents and the Thermostats

Is the sun or any strong lamps are blasting on the thermostats for the significant part of the day? If so, it is likely to crank the AC. It holds, even if the appliance is keeping your place relatively fresh. Improper positioning of the vents and the Thermostat is one of the significant challenges with your AC.

As such, you must ensure the right position of the Thermostat, so that your appliance keeps functioning perfectly. Ensure that no vents or curtains are limiting the air circulation by any means. It is critical to eliminate all the possible obstacles from the path of the vents. 

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