5 best wireless earbuds worth buying

Mobile accessories once were sole to enhance the mobile consumption and creating it a feasible experience, however, at present conditions are reversed.

Mobile accessories in itself is a huge industry where IT professionals are striving hard to pop up with innovative ideas to invent accessories one step ahead of consumers thinking and previously available in the market.

Now the vast industry of mobile accessories caters amply of products in it such as protectors, hands-free, Chargers, wireless chargers, covers, and mobile stands for convenient handling.

Previously the primary focus of mobile companies was a smartphone but now they are under pressure to introduce accessories smart enough to stand up to people’s expectations related to it.

Discussing mobile accessories earbud or wireless handsfree are worth mentioning, securing a vital position in the market this accessory fulfill more than one purpose of the consumers.

A wireless handsfree also was known as earbuds are without doubt a commodious option since it rescues the consumer from setting free the tangled wires to traditional handsfree. Easy to pack and consume the wireless earbuds are rapidly occupying its status in the market. Furthermore, it’s light in weight and does not possess a headband or wire enable the consumer to wear them for hours easily.

Due to the rapid growth in the industry companies are working hard showing a new an advance level earbuds for the consumers each time.

A few of them produce excellent sound system while others affordable price. Stable companies such as Apple Inc. and Samsung are gearing up producing wireless handsfree for the loyal customer each time modified version of the earlier one.

However, to extend it is causing the issue for the consumers since it’s tough to reach for an earbud convenient, exemplary sound system and affordable simultaneously.

Moreover, before purchasing quality earbuds a few factors purchaser should remember are:

  • The budget of the buyer i.e. how much he desires to invest in it.
  • Desire artistic: is the end-user color conscious and wish to buy the exact matching color of black or white creates no difference.
  • What’s the use of the earbuds? Do they desire to consume it for music solely or professional purposes?
  • Extra characteristics the purchaser wish to add in the earbuds such as waterproof etc.

In the current article we try to compile the list of five best earbuds of the following year to aid consumer select while purchasing:

JayBird BlueBuds X:

JayBird is an established company in the market introducing quality mobile accessories and preferably earbuds for the consumers. Besides securing the honor of high rating earbuds the BlueBird X ensure 8 hours nonstop music player along with in between leaping the track. Moreover, it is sweat-free this consumer does not require taking it often off the wipe up the ears. Convenient to connect via Bluetooth the BlueBird X claims the best sound system likewise; its powerful battery is strong enough to offer 8 hours daily playing through a single charge for the whole week. Leisurely to carry along with the lifetime warranty the JayBird BlueBuds X is worth purchasing for people with huge earbuds consumption.

Beats X:

The Beat X earbuds render amazing music sound system manufactured by Dr. Dre Beat X, the perfect workout partner offers 8 hours long battery life. Fit for the whole day its radical charging system empowers the earbuds for approximately two hours with merely five minutes of charging. Relatively overcharged in pricing the Beat X earbuds perform multiple functions such as music, active Siri and calls etc. The pocket-size ear tips enable comfortable grip over the ears for the complete day consumption. However, a major drawback is the lack of sound clarity that company to work on. Besides, the earbuds are examples for purchasers consuming earbuds often and always on a rush the quick charging is the highlight of the product fetching it to the rank.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2:

Every man jack is aware of Plantronics for manufacturing consumer friendly handsfree for around 10 years. The earbuds provide relatively reasonable sound quality; affordable in price offering a charger as well the product is high in rating. The mesmerizing Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 offers 14 hours of music player furthermore, 20 minutes of device charging provide up to one hour of music player along with the battery meter keeping updated about battery life. Nonetheless, the device has a control center installed to perform operations such as calls, track skip, and volume. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is compact, convenient to fit in the pocket and its adjustable clips enable you to adjust the earbud as comfortable. Lastly, as per company’s claim, the device is water resistant this consumer can swim wearing them.

Moto Surround:

All the people desiring an earbud at a reasonable price without compromising on quality the Moto Surround is for you. The sleek design and control buttons at the side facilitate the users to operate basic functions along with a boost button to enhance surround. Moreover, the Motorola offer two extra fittings of earbuds for the consumer to fix the best suitable one. The utter HD surround device last at max 12 hours of nonstop music life, waterproof design grant buyer to wear indoor or in rain. Likewise, the key cheater’s tic is 150 feet wide range hence you do not necessarily have to carry mobile to each room, all in all, it’s a pocket-friendly power pack earbud for a gym, athlete, and all numerous possible uses.


Compatible with each sort of smartphones a DBPOWER Mini connects with every phone. Sustaining the prevailed of world’s smallest Bluetooth earbuds are tranquil to carry around. Compiled with three silicon rubber covering it is comfortable to wear and travel around, however, company sale it as individual pieces so the consumer has to purchase two pieces. Furthermore, affordable price and noise cancellation feature clearing of sound free from distortion. Fragile to fit and powerful battery the device is perfect during all operations like cooking and workout.

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